Addendum CE Vol. I: Photo 38 – Fw 190

In 2011, we published a very sharp photo of the wreck of an unidentified Focke Wulf Fw 190.[a] The photo showed the starbord side of the cowling and forward fuselage including the canopy. Since neither its wings nor its tail with the serial number were visible, a clear identification of the subtype was not possible at that time. The location where that wreck had been found was also not known.

A recently discovered photo of the same aircraft nonw allows us to determine its subtype, location and possible unit.[b] The new photo shows the port side of the aircraft (see photo above). Two ETC 71 bomb carriers can be seen under the port wing and the aircraft’s serial number can be seen on the tip of the vertical stabilizer. While the exact number is hard to decipher, it surely starts with a 58, possibly followed by a 4. 584xxx was a W.Nr. block of the F-8 subtype. The location is given as Pocking about 150 kilometers west of Munich near the Austrian border.

The aircraft’s markings are very similar to the ones found on the Fw 190 F-8 ‘Black 3’ that had been attached to 5./SG 2 iat the end of the war. On 8 May, Feldwebel Eugen Lörcher flew with this aircraft from Kummer am See to the west. He made a belly landing near Aufhausen with his wife in the back of the fuselage.[c]

[a]: Gaemperle, R. (2011) ‘Captured Eagles Vol. I’, Vintage Eagle Publishing, Zurich, Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-033-03007-7, p. 32

[b]: Vaccaro, M.A. (1945) ‘Reconstruction’, photo taken by Michael A. “Tony” Vaccaro at the end of WWII, caption: ‘An American soldier poses in a downed German Stuka, Pocking, Germany, 1945.’, Available at [accessed on 5 March 2018]

[b]: Rahnefeld, M. (2015) ‘SO GESEHEN: Kriegsende mit Bauchlandung’, Available at [accessed on 5 March 2018]

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  1. Steve Sheflin says:

    ArWar-built Fw 190 F-8 (WNr. 584010) marked 12+ – black, last with II.SG2, Pocking, German, 1945.

    1. Hi Steve, thank you very much for the information and ID of the W.Nr. Regards, Roger

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