Addendum CE Vol. I: Photo 13 – Ju 87 D

In 2011, we published two photos that showed a Ju 87 D (see photo no. 13 & 14 on page 11ff of our ‘Captured Eagles Vol. I’).[a] At that time, the location, unit, marking and W.Nr. were unknown. Meanwhile, additional photos have been found that shed more light onto this aircraft.

This Ju 87 D was found at Fritzlar airfield in Germany. It carried the W.Nr. 412211 and the tactical code 8M+EH. It belonged to Schleppgruppe 3, which also explalins the presence of the towing device at the tail of the aircraft.[b]

Color footage has also been discovered that now allows us to tell more about the aircraft’s camouflage.[c] The code EH was black and the overall camouflage dark green. What has not been recognizable on the b/w photos we published is the yellow lower cowling in front of the oil cooler intake.

The Ju 88 G with the tactical code G9+BT that was visible in photo 15 on page 11 of our ‘Captured Eagles’ was W.Nr.714607 coded D5+KT of 9./NJG 3.


[a]: Gaemperle, R. (2011) ‘Captured Eagles Vol. I’, Vintage Eagle Publishing, Zurich, Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-033-03007-7, p. 11ff

[b]:, thread about Fritzlar

[c]: ‘G.I. / Air Force / Germany / 1945’, color footage of captured German aircraft at Fritzlar airbase, Available at,g.i.,air+force,germany,1945/ [accessed on 8 December 2017]    

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